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Disable wine warning messages on startup

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Alad Donderdag 10 April 2014 om 17:21


Whenever I start PlayOnLinux 4.2.2, I get this message:

PlayOnLinux cannot find wine (from Wine)

You should install it to use PlayOnLinux

Now before you refer me to the FAQ, I'm using WINE from the POL versions manager and it works for me (as far as WINE goes). 

I could install a separate WINE version outside POL, but I don't want to deal with e.g winemenu workarounds or stuff like that if there's otherwise no impact on functionality. 

Note this only happens when starting POL directly, not when starting the WINE apps themselves. So it's a really minor issue, but I'm curious still.

I'm running Debian Wheezy with MATE.



Aangepast door Alad

X-Phile Vrijdag 26 December 2014 om 20:06

I get the same thing, It's very annoying.

petch Vrijdag 26 December 2014 om 22:36

Having Wine installed system-wide (32bit, preferably) is currently a dependency of PlayOnLinux itself.