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Low FPS in PoL/WINE (Revisited)

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Kraizer Maandag 4 Augustus 2014 om 13:22

So I made a thread a while back regarding the performance issues in games. Luckily, the problem with me launching certain games was fixed thanks to a generous persons advice on updating WINE (which I had no idea was outdated to begin with).

Here's the thread:


Since then, I've changed my OS to Linux Mint 17, and completely updated and installed the libraries required for WINE/PoL. I used this page as a guideline. You can find the WINE libraries I installed at the bottom of page 1.



However, I'm still having problems with my frame rate. I've tested 3 games so far in POL. (Gta, NFSW, and WoW). Each of them are hovering around 30fps. Now, from my Windows experience, I know how to fine tune games, but this is a whole other issue. No matter what my settings are at, I never go above 40 fps, even on the bare minimum settings. While on Windows I would triple the frames on max settings.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

Updated Specs:

Linux Mint 17

PoL: 4.2.4

WINE: 1.7.23

All of my other specs can be found on the thread I linked here previously.

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