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League of Legends on Linux Mint

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n4saaa Zaterdag 20 September 2014 om 22:39

Last night I installed League of Legends with playonlinux. 


I followed these instructions after installation:

This help * From playonlinux, select League of Legends from your list of installed applications
* Click the "Configure" button
* Go to the "Install packages" tab
Monday 25 August 2014 at 18:44
* Install: d3dx10, d3dx11, d3dx9 (only that one) and directx9.
* After that close that window and rightclick LoL icon and go to Configure Wine -> Libraries and add the lib "dnsapi" and set it to "integrate, builtin (native)"


The game was playing fine for a little bit but after matches the screen would glitch out like crazy. I closed the game and went to sleep. This morning I tried to log in and I'm getting the same graphical glitch at the login screen. Here's what it looks like.



It flickers all over with everything looking like that. 


Here's my log. http://pastebin.com/KpTGURnB


I appreciate any help I can get. Also, I was able to play the game just fine last night. No graphics problems in-game. Only after matches the screen would be glitching everywhere and I was forced to restart. Now I can't even get to the login without the graphics issue.

booman Vrijdag 26 September 2014 om 0:08

What are the specs for your computer?  I'm guessing this is a driver issue.

Can you play any other games?

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boriseto Woensdag 15 October 2014 om 15:11

Can you try with different version of Wine? Just go on PlayOnLinux, click on League of Legends, click Configure and in there in General, in Wine version try it with 1.7.18-LeagueOfLegends3 (if it isn't in the drop down, install it from the + button).