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Has the list of user's scripts on the user profiles been removed?

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Okto Woensdag 16 September 2015 om 15:53

I've been looking around and as far as I can tell they're gone? Possibly there's another place to look for the same info, but I've not found it yet?

Any help much appreciated.

petch Donderdag 17 September 2015 om 10:49

I can still see a list of scripts on https://www.playonlinux.com/en/profil-43648.html

By the way they're only 10 or so, once you have written more than 10 scripts it's just a random selection

Okto Donderdag 17 September 2015 om 19:52

Hi Petch, they have returned on my computer too. It's a mystery. Good to see them back however, it's useful to see what scripts other people write, and to keep track of my ones too.