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PlayOnLinux - Debian 8 - LoL problems

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strix Maandag 21 December 2015 om 16:06


I have a Debian system, Debian 8.

I've installed PlayOnLinux 4.2.5.

I've installed Wine and Winetricks, LoL.

I test to strat LoL game but it failed.

I tested with :

Wine 1.5.3 LoL, 1.7, 1.7.33, 1.7.44, 1.7.52, but all failed.


With Wine 1.5.3 I've the small start screen LoL (In loading screen after wine seq) and not with others versions tested.


I've this in the PlayOnLinux logs :

[12/21/15 16:04:54] - Running wine-1.5.3-LeagueOfLegends lol.launcher.admin.exe (Working directory : /home/strix/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends/drive_c/Riot Games/League of Legends)
process 18461: Applications must not close shared connections - see dbus_connection_close() docs. This is a bug in the application.
wine: configuration in '/home/strix/.PlayOnLinux//wineprefix/LeagueOfLegends' has been updated.


Do you have any idea ?


Thanks !


terryc Dinsdag 22 December 2015 om 0:43

Why did you install wine and PoL?

2c guess is there might be conflicts.

Do not mix installation hints for Lol from elsewhere with Pol notes.

IME, Lol is very stable on Pol, once I sorted out similar problemsby reading the LOL thread.

Also, IME, it is better to fix it under the version provided with the install script, unless the Lol thread suggest upgrading it to fix your problem and then only to that version.

Use the "debug' option in the PoL interface and paste the log here for better help.

strix Dinsdag 22 December 2015 om 14:20

I installed Wine and PoL because it's in the tutorial.

So, I clean all.

I uninstall PoL, Wine, Winetricks and purge apt.


I install PoL with League of Legend and I paste the log here.


What is IME ?


Thanks !

terryc Woensdag 23 December 2015 om 3:59

Shorthand for lazy people?

IME - in my experience.

AFAIk - As Far As I Know.

AIUI - As I Understand It and piles of others

Oh T.I.A. is not Turkies In Africa as someone guessed one time, but Thanks In Anticpiation.