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Hearthstone on Manjaro XFCE/Cinnamon

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lph24 Zaterdag 2 Januari 2016 om 14:56

Hey all,


So I used to run a Ubuntu Gnome and Linux Mint OS's at seperate times. I always installed playonlinux with Hearthstone, with pretty much no issues.


Now, though, with Manjaro (based on Arch) I am having some issues with Hearthstone on Playonlinux. 


Creating the drive, and beginning the installation is fine. After a minute, a window pops up with the Hearthstone logo that it is starting Battle.net, the application launcher to start Hearthstone. 


It is supposed to actually start Battle.net, and you're suppose to install Hearthstone in it's entirety before closing the installation. But it goes to "Starting battle.net 89%" then closes the installation, then puts Hearthstone in the playonlinux launcher. Starting Hearthstone makes nothing happen.


TL:DR: Basically, the hearthstone installation is closing itself before it is actually done. I have only experienced this on my Manjaro installation. 


Edit: Just realized I should post a few things about my PC. I have an AMD R9 390, it has the latest PROPRIETARY drivers, not the open source. That should be all that matters, let me know if you need something else. 

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