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winecfg crashes when I click on the audio tab

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theboomboomcars Donderdag 21 Januari 2016 om 2:36

I installed Play on linux to install Fable, since that was the most highly reccomended way. I did get it installed but it is crashing on the splash screen. I posted the requested info on the app page, since I wasn't experiencing any issues elsewhere. I thought I'd try to disable sound, but when I go to the audio configuration tab wiecfg crashes. I'm guessing that Fable is crashing when it tries to load the audio. Is there a way to disable the sound system outside of the winecfg program?

petch Donderdag 21 Januari 2016 om 3:53

With at least PlayOnLinux 4.2.10,

Configure button > (select virtual drive) > Miscellaneous tab > "Open a shell in this virtual drive" button

Set_SoundDriver ''


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