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sc6jd02 Zaterdag 23 Januari 2016 om 12:34

In the list of Supported software are FEAR, FEAR2 and the three STALKER games, together with installation scripts. I am a complete newcomer to PlayOnLinux, but as far as I can tell the scripts are for the STEAM versions of the games. I have the GOG versions, with their own installers. How should I change the scripts to allow this ? Is it indeed possible to change the scripts or will new ones have to be written?


petch Zaterdag 23 Januari 2016 om 14:44

Hi, the existing scripts are very old, so you can just as well start from scratch ;)

Try using GOG scripts as models, and only checking if the old scripts had interesting Wine tweaks. But even the latter may be obsolete (new versions of Wine, GOG own game tweaks,...)