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Rise of the Tomb Raider, Steam, Microsoft Direct X

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Randrian Dinsdag 2 Februari 2016 om 18:13

I have bought Rise of the Tomb Raider and tried to get it running with PlayOnLinux. As its precedor Tomb Raider (2013) worked fine with POL, I thought it could also work with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I installed it using the same configuration which had been working for Tomb Raider (2013) and downloaded it via Steam. But when I try to run it, it wants to install "Microsoft DirectX for Windows" and this Window vanishes after a while but  when I click on Play the window reappears, so it seems to fail during installation of the DirectX.

I also tried to use different Wine versions and to install Direct X by the Configure dialog of POL with the installed components tab, but didn't suceeed.

Has someone seen a problem like that and can help me? It would be sad if I had to install Windows just to play the game.

Randrian Dinsdag 2 Februari 2016 om 23:29

I now have found the files, perhaps they help to solve the problem.







I am using a NVIDIA Graphic Card.


EDIT: put them on pastebin, as the post cut off the files content.


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Randrian Zaterdag 6 Februari 2016 om 8:55

I how managed to install the DirectX. A dll file was already present and therefore could not be copied.

But now Rise of the Tomb Raider just pops up a Wine error message and does nothing else. I haven't found a logfile that could help me. Therefore I am very close to give up and get a Windows installation :-(

Fincer Zaterdag 16 April 2016 om 20:22

This is a DX11 game. Wine doesn't still have proper DX11 support and development of it seems to take time...

Additionally, the game uses Denuvo anti-tamper technology which may prevent the game to start. I've submitted a report of this in Wine Application Database, please see it for additional information:


My conclusion was that if I wanted to play this game right now, I should install Windows. Wine development takes time in these kind of things, unfortunately.

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