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A_Smurf Maandag 4 April 2016 om 21:37

Hello all

I am new to linux and submitting bug reports so I thought I would use my current problem to learn about both.

First my OS, Ubuntu 14.04 lts 32 bit .Mother Board is a evga nforce 680i sli.

The problem I am having is with World of Warplanes.I am unable to get it to install.

the first error I get is when P.O.L. attemps  to install msxml3.the is a mismatch on the md5 check sum local and server.

I can click cancel and procede with the install however when the actual game begins to install over and over I get an unhandled exception error.

If there is any aditional info that I should send let me know and ill send it.

TY in advance

SuperRoboWizard Vrijdag 15 April 2016 om 17:55

I haven't had this error personally, but a mismatched md5sum means that the file you downloaded got changed somehow during the download (unstable internet connection for example). You can try downloading the file again, on a fast and stable internet connection if you can.

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