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Play On Mac Never finishes Install

Stuck on Manual Installation - Please Wait

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jessumica Zaterdag 18 Juni\ 2016 om 0:44

So the game (Eden Eternal) Installs no issues, then after it goes to the screen where it says Please Wait (Pretty sure this is where it's supposed to give options on shortcuts) but it never finishes, it's been there for about 2 hours now, just sitting there. Other programs it works on, even other parts of the game (AeriaIgnite, the launcher itself) and shortcuts will appear but nothing for the game itself.


Game: Eden Eternal
POM Version: 4.2.10

OSX Version: El Capitan 10.11.5

Custom Install (Game not included in list)

Wine Version in system: 1.7.0 WineApp-1.1

I can get the launcher up as well but nothing happens when you hit play, like I'll go to configure and tell it to run the launcher.exe and the launcher comes up, patches but nothing happens

also when I try to run Aerialauncher.exe (The other launcher) it says wine crashes, we have wine on the mac and 1.9.4 on the right side when I manage Wine versions

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