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Wine prefix management

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Malamut Zaterdag 3 Mei 2008 om 12:54

Firstly, thank you for a very good program!!!

I use it for some games, but sometimes it's very inconveniently doing that because of different wine prefix for all applications. Now in POL is avalible a Tools menu and my applications tab, but i think that it's necessary to add wine prefixes menu or tab where you can change location/settins/wine configurstions etc. And it is necessary to have the ability of running .exe from diffent places using one of created prefixes and install applications to existed prefixes, for example, first create prefix "Programs", then configure it and install to it different small programs like TotalCommander. So prefixes shouldn't be hardly linked to application, but application should be installing/running in existent (or new) prefix.

P.S. Sorry for my english :
chain2k Zaterdag 3 Mei 2008 om 20:41

hi again, read my article on forum.ubuntu.ru as i told u
U CAN install new software in existing prefix with LiveInstall or if you'll add it to the POL script.
and u CANT run .exe from different places with another prefix because of wine nature, that is not because of POL structure.
You can only do it if that is single .exe without registry or system files changes.
check this sample u'll understand what i mean
and for now beginning from 2.7 version you can add wineimport plugin
with it u can map existing system ~/.wine prefix to POL and manage installed applications from it.

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Malamut Zondag 4 Mei 2008 om 20:48

Well, it will be very good to do something like this:


> Prefix 1
Application 1
Application 2
> Prefix 2

And I think, that a list of prefixes shoud be somethere in POL and also should be a command to get it, so in script you can add a chose between existing prefixes, or create a new one.

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Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 4 Mei 2008 om 21:17
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Good Idea ! Very nice ! BUT

If iI do that, they'll be a lot of program alone in there prefix you know ?
Malamut Zondag 4 Mei 2008 om 21:50

Yes, I understand. Well... you can do something like this (and there are a lot of another ideas):
1. Add menu "Prefixes"
2. Add to it "Create prefixe", "Delete prefix" (with all applications), "Install directx to prefix", "regedit" etc
3. Add entry "Manage prefixes" in which, for example, show a list of created prefixes and near each check box "Show in my application", so, if prefix is checked, in "My applications" tab it will be show like list of applications (with ability of fold/expand), else - only applications.
4. To this menu you can add a lot of another entries)))

Well, I only want to say that now in POL there aren't any tools to manage prefixes: all applications installing to new prefixes and I can't view no information about prefixes. Although I can't see any information about applications too, but it is another topic
Malamut Zondag 4 Mei 2008 om 22:03

Also I can add, that if POL is GUI for wine, so it shoud be as flexible as you can do it with as many settings as possible, especially applications and prefixes settings. For example, it's good to add ability of changing command for application by GUI, now if I want to add a parameter to exe I shoud change a file in .PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed, but may be you can add entry Properties to application with open command.
For example, for QIP:
wine "/home/malamut/.wine/drive_c/Programs/QIP/qip.exe" $@
and I want:
wine "/home/malamut/.wine/drive_c/Programs/QIP/qip.exe" /oldgif $@
so, it will be exellent, if I can change it by GUI.