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[Kali Linux] Error in POL_Wine

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kapiroto Maandag 22 Augustus 2016 om 8:19

I'm using kali linux to study in my main system, i want play Tibia and GTA in playonlinux...

How i install playonlinux?

$ apt-get install playonlinux
$ leafpad /usr/share/playonlinux/lib/sources
Comment this part:

#if [ "$(id -u)" = "0" ]
#    echo "PlayOnLinux is not supposed to be run as root. Sorry"
#    exit

$ leafpad /usr/share/playonlinux/python/mainwindow.py
Comment this part:
        #### Root uid check
        #if(os.popen("id -u").read() == "0\n" or os.popen("id -u").read() == "0"):
        #    wx.MessageBox(_("{0} is not supposed to be run as root. Sorry").format(os.environ["APPLICATION_TITLE"]),_("Error"))

        #    os._exit(0)



My problem?

Everytime i try to install a component, create a new virtual disk i got this problem

Error in POL_Wine
Wine seems to have crashed
If your program is running, just ignore this message

Why? What I'm supoosded to do?




Aangepast door kapiroto

kapiroto Dinsdag 23 Augustus 2016 om 14:21

I've solve this error using this commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install wine:i386
wine --version
apt-get install wine32

Je bent hier: Index > PlayOnLinux > Problem