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help with adobe shockwave player on manual install please

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gambit101 Zondag 16 October 2016 om 15:26

hi im having issues with installing adobe flash player in plaay on linux (for mystery case files return to ravenhearst (i get the configuring wine box up saying i need to install adobe flash player to complete instalation (at beginning of install) which takes me to the adobe website where i download for windows os full for other browser (my alternative being light install) which downloads and installs fine except it closes the games install box when i try and re-install i get the same message also the same process happenes  when i install directly from the website and in play on linux as its own "setup" any help would be very much appreciated as i cant find anything about this anywhere p.s. im running linux mint mate 18 64bit 4 gb of ddr 3 ram and 512 mb ddr in graphics card thanks :)

AHatLikeThat Woensdag 26 October 2016 om 16:10

I am also having a similar problem.