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Wine 2.0 64bit w/PlayOnMac

Now that 64bit Wine is available on Mac?

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Drakien Donderdag 26 Januari 2017 om 2:07

When will it work with PlayonMac?

WINE 2.0 for Mac x64 is something I've wanted for some time.. Hopefully we see POM support it soon.

Quentin PÂRIS Zaterdag 28 Januari 2017 om 17:00
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

We are working on it :)

Quentin PÂRIS Dinsdag 31 Januari 2017 om 21:12
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

We now have 64bits staging and upstream builds :)

POM v5 is compatible (experimentaly). POMv4 would need an update

Drakien Zondag 5 Februari 2017 om 3:06

Ohh.. don't see a POM v5 for download. 

Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 5 Februari 2017 om 22:50
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

So far, it is only available on github. Some work remain to be done https://github.com/PlayOnLinux/POL-POM-5/

Muscar Donderdag 12 April 2018 om 20:51

Sorry for bumping this thread, but do we still need to build from the github version to use 64-bit?


ImperatorS79 Donderdag 12 April 2018 om 20:59

Missing 64 bits wine for OSX is a known problem -> https://github.com/PhoenicisOrg/phoenicis/issues/1138

POL5 is here ! -> https://github.com/PhoenicisOrg/phoenicis
Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 15 April 2018 om 22:41
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Yeah, I did not manage to crossbuild wine64 so far. So I need to boot up a real mac to make the builds...

ImperatorS79 Zondag 29 April 2018 om 11:27

Could you take a look at https://github.com/PhoenicisOrg/WineBuild/issues/4 ? It's really annoying with vulkan ^^.

POL5 is here ! -> https://github.com/PhoenicisOrg/phoenicis
plata Dinsdag 1 Mei 2018 om 18:29

@Quentin Paris: or we use Travis CI to build for OSX like I do here: https://github.com/plata/wine-builds (it's only playground right now).

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