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Installation requiring several discs

Silent hill 3

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SilentFan Zaterdag 11 Februari 2017 om 18:18

Hey there ! 

This is my second attempt at posting this thread, (I think I timed out or something, since I lost the long topic I wrote and am ... pretty sad :'( ).
So ! I am new to these forums, but I already used PlayOnMac to run a few games without any issues, but today I am facing a problem I can't seem to be able to solve on my own.

I have a Silent Hill 3 copy for PC that contains five CDs. I tried to install the game manually through PlayOnMac, however it doesn't work (for different reasons according to the method used, see below). 

I did some research, this is not unheard of on these forums and on wine hq's, however the solutions presented in each topic I found didn't work for me. I will sum up what I tried : 

- Installing using the discs : works fine until I have to switch discs. I can't eject the disc in drive using any command, from pressing the eject button to using a sudo command in Terminal. PlayOnMac prevents the disc from ejecting. I have not resorted to mechanical ejection. 

- Installing using disc images : works fine until I have to switch discs. I can force eject the disc image (which I can't do for some reason with a physical disc), and then mount up disc 2, which won't be recognized. 
              - Fix 1 : Using mount and dismount command in the Wine prompt tool of Silent Hill 3's virtual drive. Failed.        (However since I am not an expert, and since I only tried solutions I found on these forums and wine hq's, there might be something more to do here.)
             - Fix 2 : Manually setting a drive in the Wine configuration of the virtual drive to act permanently as a CD-ROM drive (I tried with D:), in which mounted images would show. They do show, but the installer still doesn't recognize the second CD. 
           - Fix 3 : Manually setting the path to the disc on the drive defined as default CD-ROM drive in the Wine configuration. Still no recognition for disc 2 (although it read it was because there was a difference in names, which is why i tried Fix 2, the alleged solution to this problem).

- Installing using the files I copied from the discs : works until I have to switch discs ... but then he doesn't ask for disc 2 he just crashes with Error 1603 (which according to what I found means it's a directory error that comes from the fact I copied the CD content on my hard drive and attempted to have it install the game from there). 

What I used : 
- Silent Hill 3 (US) - 5 CD-ROM.
- MacBook Pro 15' (Early 2011 - running El Capitan) - 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 - 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB + (the infamous) AMD Radeon HD 6750M. 
- PlayOnMac 4.2.10

I am no expert, just a newb in these matters, usually doing a bit of research and tickering works for me ... but today that ain't the case it seems ! 
Any attempt to help me solve this issue will be greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read me :)



SilentFan Zaterdag 11 Februari 2017 om 20:01

Two hours later ...

Found a solution. However it may not work for every game that requires more than one CD to install.
I copied all five discs on the hardrive, put all files from the 4 last discs into the first and ran the setup.exe directly.
Works like a charm.

But in the case of SH3 - it didn't exactly. There is a sound_3.cab file on disc 4 and another one (much heavier) on disc 5. To solve this, I needed to edit the SILENT HILL 3.msi 
For that particular fix, I had to use a pc of one of my neighbours to do it (MSI editors can be run through Wine, but they can't edit those. Only read (And no it's not a matter of permission)). 
The cell to edit is under Media, one of the last rows mentions a sound_3.cab on Disk5. Rename that to say sound_33.cab and save. Then rename the actual sound_3.cab from disc 5 to sound_33.cab, and put it with the other files in the setup.exe directory.

Hope this will help anyone who encounters the issue. Cheers ! 

SilentFan Zaterdag 11 Februari 2017 om 20:51

EDIT : Duplicate Posting.

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