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Undo POL_Config_Write BEFORE_WINE

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Baer Donderdag 20 April 2017 om 0:46

I used in the playonlinux console:

POL_Config_Write BEFORE_WINE 'DRI_PRIME=1 thread_submit=true'

at the advice of a tutorial and now my games crash on startup and the debugger is returning

 /usr/share/playonlinux/lib/wine.lib: line 565: DRI_PRIME=1: command not found

Is there a way to undo this? I really need to undo the command.

hunterzocker Dinsdag 6 Juni\ 2017 om 8:27

just head to /home/YOUR USERNAME/.PlayOnLinux (or wherever you installed PlayOnLinux) and delete the command line in the "playonlinux.cfg" file.

Theodore_Darelizer Zondag 3 September 2017 om 8:51

To undo, open your file explorer, make visible hiden folders and files, navigate to ~/.PlayOnLinux and remove file "playonlinux.cfg"

If you want use hybrid graphics (Intel+AMD, AMD+AMD), type in playonlinux console next command:

for mesa older then 17 version:

POL_Config_Write BEFORE_WINE 'env DRI_PRIME=1 thread_submit=true'

or for mesa 17 and newer version:

POL_Config_Write BEFORE_WINE 'env DRI_PRIME=1 mesa_glthread=true'

Also for more perfomance you can turn off vsync by adding this:


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