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Incorrectly sized windows

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Racenheart Maandag 8 Mei 2017 om 6:25

Hey guys, don't know if this topic is for here. I've installed POL on Antergos (Arch based) with KDE, Gnome and Xfce and on all three environments most of the POL windows seem to be incorrectly sized. By that I mean pretty much all of them are missing 30px at the bottom and other windows are plain unusable. The WINE configuration window is about 2px by 10px and is completely unusable and cannot be resized.

Anybody had such issues?
LinuxScripter Maandag 8 Mei 2017 om 23:15

I'm only having problem with PoL windows the winecfg window is fine.

asta666 Zondag 2 Juli 2017 om 22:47

I have several issues with the UI on fedora 25 mate as well. Text out of place, unresponsive buttons, etc.