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No new wine versions displayed in POL

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De1m0s Donderdag 13 Juli 2017 om 20:46


Meanwhile, wine 2.12 is online, and wine-staging also 2.12.

In PoL ist the last displayed and installable version for amd64  v 2.10.

When will there be an update?

Or how can i manually install newer wine-versions?


0dx Vrijdag 14 Juli 2017 om 3:45


sarka Woensdag 31 Maart 2021 om 17:02

Hi and sorry to resurrect

I'm anxious to try if new version of FL Studio really works in Wine 6.5, but I can only see Wine versions up to 6.3. Can I somehow add the new version?

sarka Donderdag 1 April 2021 om 21:01

Can I somehow help getting new versions faster to POL? I visited the winebuilder site at github but it went a bit over my head 8)

magnesium Zondag 4 April 2021 om 5:57

I too am interested in getting wine versions 6.4 and 6.5 into playonlinux.




Aangepast door magnesium

magnesium Woensdag 7 April 2021 om 0:41

the new wine versions are available now, thanks guys!!!