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how to play this game?

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gtludwig Zondag 18 Mei 2008 om 0:34

Hi all,

Post #2!

For quite a while now I mean a MMORPG game called Conquer Online, without luck. I tried Wine, Cedega, CrossOver Office, on a VM and now PlayOnLinux. I was wondering if any of you guys could give it a shot and see if it runs on Linux.

In wine AppDB there's an entry that claims to be gold... I could never got it running, though.

Any help or thought would be appreciated!

Ghostofkendo Zondag 18 Mei 2008 om 14:18

Hi again gtludwig ,

Did you tried the HOWTO available on the Conquer Online dedicated page on Wine AppDB?
It is told that the installation doesn't work. So you have to:
- copy the freshly installed game's directory (in C:\Program files\ is guess) (i.e the game mustn't have been run, even once) to ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/
- copy in ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/ the missing dlls : mfc42.dll and msvcp60.dll
The first one have to come from Windows XP SP2 (and not from dll-files.com)
The second can come from both.
- enable the Wine virtual desktop with winecfg

That's all for the installation. You can run the game by launching play.exe (in the Conquer Online's directory).
Autopatching seems to have some problems but I should work after several trying.
Then, at the login screen, the mouse's cursor disappears and the user/password fields aren't displayed at their right place but it seems to be surmountable.

Good luck for your try (I can't try because I don't have Windows XP SP2 and the installer is too large for my internet connexion)


P.S: Topic moved to "LiveInstall, Wine or Cedega" sub-section because your issue doesn't concerns a game supported by POL

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chain2k Maandag 19 Mei 2008 om 23:40

hard to launch but possible
especcially hard to login... i still can't catch input windows)
if I'll can to do it , i'll post here an example installation script
chain2k Woensdag 21 Mei 2008 om 19:16

hi, again
you can test installation script for Conquer Online
gustavotl Zondag 8 Juni\ 2008 om 21:37

hi all,

I forgot the gtludwig user password and since there seems to be something buggy with chat, I had to create this new account. I registered the request for a password retrieve tool here.

I'd like to thank all that have helped in this matter. I'll be getting a brand new notebook next week and (hopefully!) I'll be able to run ConquerOnline in PlayOnLinux with it.

So, I'll be bugging you guys as of next week

Thanks for now and i'll be back later!


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