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Installing PlayOnLinux causes Mints to fail to boot into Desktop

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trungpt Zaterdag 12 Augustus 2017 om 12:22

I'm using Linux Mint 18.2 - Cennamon 64 bit.

I install PlayOnLinux via Software Manager of Linux Mint. Everything goes well until I reboot my machine. The machine fails to boot into Desktop.

I have to reinstall Mint. Trying this again leads to the same problem.

Could you check if you have the same problem? If so, is there any solution?

De1m0s Maandag 14 Augustus 2017 om 19:05


Can't confirm. Use 18.2 x64 on 3 machines, and installed PoL on every of them.


trungpt Dinsdag 15 Augustus 2017 om 7:28

So sad about this, I also tried with Linux Mint v18.2 - Xfce 64 bit: the same problem for me :(

I'm running it as a virtual machine with VMware Workstation v12.5.7. Maybe the problem comes from VMWare Workstation.

trungpt Vrijdag 18 Augustus 2017 om 9:13

I have more info to share. Hope that you guys can help me.

When I click on install button to install PlayOnLinux from Software Manager, there is a dialog saying that:


This will remove the following packages:



I guess that because of those files being removed, after robooting, my Linux Mint fails to boot into Desktop. Do you know if those files are critical for the Desktop Environment (e.g. Xfce)?

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