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Wildstar low fps

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ctm-9600 Donderdag 28 September 2017 om 10:01


I've tried to run wildstar with playonlinux, but i get very low fps. Is there anything i can do to increase fps? I've already enabled CSMT, and __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS.

There is also something weird. I can run at 1024*768 Ultra High with about 10 FPS but lowering texture quality doesn't increase fps and increasing resolution drops fps below 1.


booman Woensdag 4 October 2017 om 19:14

Wow, I've been wanting to test Wildstar in PlayOnLinux.

  • How did you get it running?
  • Any specific packages you had to install?

I will test it as well and see if I get low frame rates.  What video card/chip are you using?

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