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Can't run because of bad language settings?

PlayOnMac doesn't open...

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hayleycoll Dinsdag 19 December 2017 om 10:30

PlayOnMac can't run because of bad language settings on my computer? 

It tells me to write in terminal:

defaults write -g AppleLocale en_US


As I do this, terminal shows me this message:

defaults[870:30510] Could not write domain Apple Global Domain; exiting



I search forums for a bit, and find others typing the code. To which I type a similar code, but with no space before the 'A' ... :

defaults write -gAppleLocale en_US

This then results in:


Rep argument is not a dictionary

Defaults have not been changed.



So I'm unable to open the app, as everytime I try to run it - it shows this same message. Help would be much appreciated. :)

& Merry Christmas.






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plata Dinsdag 26 December 2017 om 12:06

cursed Vrijdag 9 October 2020 om 18:05

Hey I know this is old but I'm having this same problem, did you manage to get it fixed?