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Spintires - black screen after launch

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albertval Zondag 4 Februari 2018 om 23:09

Hello Guys,


My system is:

Intel I7 4600M

Intel Haswell Mobile


Ubuntu 16.04


I'm trying to launch Spintires from Steam. No matter if I use 64 or 32 bit,  any Wine release (2,2 , 3.0, staging or not) , use dx3d9_43 native or not I allways end up in getting black screen after launching the game. No cursor is visible, I can hear the sound and switch to Steam overlay, that's all.

Any sugestions?




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lahtis Woensdag 7 Februari 2018 om 23:46

Are you using directx9, vcrun2010 and quartz? I once tested a demo version of this and then it worked.

Using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and latest Playonlinux.
My scripts: https://github.com/lahtis/playonlinux

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