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steam game

and their running

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artur454 Donderdag 12 Juli 2018 om 23:26

i many time run steam games
but always i need go to steam library and start games here

but i want run it like on windows by shortcut like : steam/rungameid/number

p.s run .exe file not idea,because some games need steam
p.p.s sorry my bad english

Dadu042 Donderdag 29 Augustus 2019 om 15:04

We don't provide support for Steam on Windows.

Christina10 Vrijdag 20 September 2019 om 8:00

Well many users need it..So i recommend that it is added..Thanks My Pasco Connect


Aangepast door Christina10

artur454 Vrijdag 20 September 2019 om 8:14


I was talking about games i run via playon linux/mac

And idc why

Site says i mac user by default

Red Guy Zondag 29 September 2019 om 2:39
Red GuyAnonymous

you can download steam its a supported app what he is saying is that steam GAMES are not officially supported