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What's the difference between Lutris and PlayOnLinux?

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georgekhaidas Donderdag 27 September 2018 om 7:47

Hello, For all my windows applications I run under Linux, I use either direct wine, or play on linux.

I might live behind the moon, but I heard about Lutris only very recently. From my understanding it does the same thing as PlayOnLinux does... which is combining setup and configuration steps for certain programs and tie those to Wine versions.

What do I need Lutris for? why does it even exist :) ?

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booman Donderdag 27 September 2018 om 20:53

Lutris is basically the same thing as PlayOnLinux.

Its a graphical frontend to use Wine and install games.  You can manage your Wine prefixes and install dependencies (components, overrides) to test a game just like in PlayOnLinux.

I've heard a lot of good things about Lutris, but I have a hard time using it.

PlayOnLinux is just easier to use when it works.

If you are used to using Wine alone for your applications and games, just keep using it.

Winetricks is a helpful frontend as well.

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