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Diablo III does not start...white screen

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Joschl Woensdag 21 November 2018 om 3:02


I have installed Battle.net App with PlayonLinux on Ubuntu 18.10, Wine 3.20 selected, usually configured with Windows 10(before Win 7). Battle.net runs fine, but if i start Diablo III, there is only a white screen :-( .

It seems that the game starts, but then it stopps and wine stopps also. I don't know, what i can do...

Kinds Regards

der Joschl




booman Woensdag 21 November 2018 om 20:32

I can successfully run Diablo III with a "staging" version of Wine.  Been using it for almost a year now and Diablo III still runs great!

Try switching to a Stating version in PlayOnLinux Configure:  General Tab

Also, I never sign into Battle.net, I actually click "options" at the login screen and choose "no login"

Then I launch Diablo III and sign in to it

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