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Will the update from POL4 to POL5 migrate our installs?

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djdb3000 Vrijdag 30 November 2018 om 21:26

Will the upgrade from POL4 to POL5 migrate our wineprefixes to the new program? If not, will there  be a way to import our POL4 wineprefixes into POL5 when it comes out? Currently, I have my ~/.PlayOnLinux directory on my hard drive, which is in a different partition and the ~/.PlayOnLinux is a symlink to that. Will that cause issues if there's a migration?

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Quentin PÂRIS Zaterdag 1 December 2018 om 18:34
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous


We are probably going to find some ways to migrate POLv4 to POLv5 installation yes.

However, we need to stabilize POLv5 before smiley

Ryu945 Zondag 2 December 2018 om 20:25

During the install migration, will the installs that don't work be fixed ( like Starcraft) or will they be ignored until migration is over?

Tutul Maandag 3 December 2018 om 21:06

we provides new installation scripts. Some are just the existing one reworked and other are new one. We can't know wich installation is working or not on your computer so we don't touch anything about that. You'll probably just get exactly the installed program as you haved with v4. Without touching them (or not in that way).

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