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Unable to Install Anything on PlayOnLinux

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Twistkit Zondag 16 December 2018 om 1:28

I've been trying to install Office 2016 and Cities:Skylines but it doesnt seems to be working. This is what happens every time:

1. Asks for location

2. WINE: Mono needs to be installed. Install?

3. WINE: Gecko needs to be installed. Install?

4. POL_WINE has crashed.

This is a very shortened version. Please tell me if I need to add more.

Twistkit Zondag 16 December 2018 om 1:32

I've also been looking in the debugger, and i see the line:

wine: cannot find L"Z:\\home\\user\\Desktop."

12/15/18 19:24:50 - [POL_Wine] Error: Wine seems to have crashed\n\nIf your program is running, just ignore this message

That's the location that I chose. Is that the reason that it crashed?

Tutul Maandag 17 December 2018 om 21:07

Don't change the installation destination!

When asked for location, the script request the installer

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