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How to detect if Delphi program runs in PlayOnMac

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Clifford36 Vrijdag 26 April 2019 om 11:32

I have a Delphi application which runs smooth in PlayOnMac under MacOS 10.9.5 Yosemite.

It has the feature to minimize the application to TrayBar.

Since Mac is not having the concept of TrayBar I would like to disable this feature if the app runs on Mac.

Checking the Windows version is not an option since PlayOnMac really well obfuscates the fact that the host OS is Mac by emulating the Windows APIs and reporting that the OS is Windows XP for example.

How I can detect that the application is running in PlayOnMac?

Dadu042 Zaterdag 18 Mei 2019 om 8:52

This may help :

8.10 I'm writing a Windows app. How can it detect if it's running under Wine?  https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ