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Error installing on openSUSE 10.3

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polyz Zondag 8 Juni\ 2008 om 20:55

I downloaded playonlinux via the link on the download page (1 click install) on my computer which is openSUSE 10.3 32Bit. When I install it I get the following error:

One or more program(s) are missing. Please install them and run the script again.

Program: Izma, Package: Izma

Also is this a french site or a English site? there's different languages on here...
Aussi est-ce un site français ou un site anglais? il ya différentes langues ici ...
poseidon_xk Donderdag 4 September 2008 om 19:13

HI, Polyz

Excuseme, i do not speak and write English.

That issue i heve resolve installing the package Lzma (the first letter is not a I, is a L) .

you can download this package

I hope that resolve your problem,


(_.•´¯`•«¤° þا£ÏÐÕŇ °¤»•´¯`•._)
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