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Can't install Proteus 8.6 SP2 on PlayOnLinux

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vra Donderdag 27 Juni\ 2019 om 12:27

Hi, how are you?. I'm trying to install Proteus 8.6, I've used the listed Proteus 8, then I've looked for the installer in my hard disk and then it followed to install wine 4.0, after that it installed wine mono and now it says I need to install Microsoft Fonts but the "Next" button deactivates and I can advance from there. Please lok at the image.


What can I do?


Microsoft Fonts

vra Donderdag 27 Juni\ 2019 om 14:29

I could install it bu now it remains saying that is installing the application and remains there forever.

Dadu042 Donderdag 27 Juni\ 2019 om 15:04