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Installing Sketchup

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dlw1146 Vrijdag 19 Juli 2019 om 3:04

Keep getting an error regarding Wine 3.0.5 not installed.

Downloaded Wine 3.0.5. Can not get it installed.

How is Wine 3.0.5 installed?

Please help.


Dadu042 Vrijdag 19 Juli 2019 om 11:14

POL version ?

Parker20 Vrijdag 19 Juli 2019 om 11:24

Yes u need to speciufy POL version..Then only we can help u..Thanks mobdro

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dlw1146 Vrijdag 19 Juli 2019 om 16:17

Thanks for the replies.

What is POL?

How is the version number found?


dlw1146 Vrijdag 19 Juli 2019 om 16:22

I found it. duh


Dadu042 Zaterdag 20 Juli 2019 om 6:32

wow, very old verson of POL ( < 2013) : to upgrade, or (harder, and not recommended) edit the script file locally to decrease the Wine version.

FYI: POL 4.2.12 only support Wine 3.0.3 maximum.

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dlw1146 Zaterdag 20 Juli 2019 om 17:56

What version POL is needed for Wine-3.6?

dlw1146 Dinsdag 23 Juli 2019 om 3:48

Running Wine 3.6

Download playonlinux-4.2.5.

When installing, an error message reads missing dependencies.

What dependencies are needed to run POL 4.2.5 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Or, what version will run with Wine 3.6?

Dadu042 Dinsdag 23 Juli 2019 om 6:59

For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, do prefer POL v4.3.4


> What version POL is needed for Wine-3.6?

I don't know. But 4.3.4 should support it.

dlw1146 Dinsdag 23 Juli 2019 om 16:37

OK. Play On Linux is running.

However, when trying to open Google Sketchup 8, an error reads no opengl.

Which version of opengl is needed?


booman Woensdag 24 Juli 2019 om 22:48

I've been able to run sketchUp in the past with PlayOnLinux.

I'm using a desktop with Mint and a dedicated GeForce video card with Nvidia drivers.

Make sure to install the video drivers for your card/chip

Also make sure to use the Wine Manager (Tools, Wine Manager) to download the newest version of Wine.

Even staging versions are really good.


If your system supports Vulkan, you might get really good performance using DXVK and Vulkan to run SketchUp too.  I haven't tested it, but there is a chance this will help with modelling.

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