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Phoenicis PlayOnLinux: Cannot figure out how to create virtual drive or how to install a non-listed program

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RagglenLove Zondag 13 October 2019 om 13:51

Testing out Phoenicis PlayOnLinux via Flathub: https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.phoenicis.playonlinux

I cannot figure out how to create virtual drive and how to install a non-listed program. Please help.

booman Donderdag 7 November 2019 om 23:28

I tested Phoenicis as well and had a hard time with it.  All of the features in PlayOnLinux have been changed and some features are just missing.

I wasn't able to do a manual installation of anything and the scripted games didn't work for me either.

I pretty much gave up and stuck with PlayOnLinux 4.3.4

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