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How I can to add a shortcut in Gnome Applications Menu?

How can i to add a shortcuts automaticlly?

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Akergez Dinsdag 18 Februari 2020 om 9:53

I installed some games in POL, and I want to add shortcuts in applications menu, Gnome. I used to add it handle, but is isn't comfort for me. There are "Create a shortcut" function in POL, but it creates shortcut on Desktop. It's useless for Gnome. I used to copy this shortcuts in /usr/share/applications, but i want to do it automaticlly. Has POL this function?

booman Woensdag 19 Februari 2020 om 16:41

PlayOnLinux already creates Desktop shortcuts for you when a game is installed... but this would be cool to have menu items as well...


This might work, I'll have to try it at home in Mint.

You should be able to manually create a menu item and use this command to launch your application:

/usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "Game Name"

Make sure the "Game Name" matches the application name exactly from PlayOnLinux

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