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Does PlayOnLinux need packages from the system default distribution installation?

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Ofife Maandag 20 April 2020 om 14:55

I used PlayOnLinux to install Office 2003.

So it also installed wine 2.2 in a separate folder. So now on my system are 2 wine installed. The default (version 5.0) from my linux distribution and the version 2.2 from PlayOnLinux.


My question is:

Can I delete the default version 5.0 from my linux distribution or do I still need version 5.0?

Does PlayOnLinux use any sub-packages from the default version 5.0 installation? Or does PlayOnLinux install all the wine components it needs, itself in a separate folder?

In the packet manager of my linux distribution, when I install PlayOnLinux it automatically installs also "wine". Is this needed? Does PlayOnLinux not download its own versions in its own folders? Or is this not enough? Does it need any components from the default wine installation?


Thank you.

Dadu042 Maandag 20 April 2020 om 16:37

No idea, never tried.

Aangepast door Dadu042

Ofife Maandag 20 April 2020 om 16:47

Who could I ask this?

Dadu042 Maandag 20 April 2020 om 19:44

I think that you should try instead to wait a answer.

Ofife Dinsdag 21 April 2020 om 10:56

I can not try it out. Because when I uninstall wine in my distro, automatically PlayOnLinux also is uninstalled. And when I install PlayOnLinux automtically wine is also installed.

Furthermore: Even if it would be possible to uninstall wine and kept PlayOnLinux: The package manager does not deinstall the wohle wine. It will kept components that are used for other programs. So it could be that it looks like wine was uninstalled, but there are still components from wine installed.