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can't install playonmac

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pouly Woensdag 7 October 2020 om 9:58



i work on macbookpro 15inch mi 2010 on High Sierra

2,4Ghz intel core i5

intel HD graphics 288mo

I install the latest version on playonmac 4.4.1 and now it's not working anymore. I get this message (do you see it ?)

If i run the console i get this but i don't know if ti's the messages your looking for.


My language system is English RU.


Any idea ???


Thank you !!!!

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pouly Woensdag 7 October 2020 om 10:07

I don't see the image i put in...

the message: Playonmac has encountered a fatal error anw will terminate

how can i attach an image to my message...

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Dadu042 Donderdag 8 October 2020 om 11:39

Please post your image onto a image sharing web service.


Please try a older version (POM v4.3.4). Older versions of POM can be found here if needed: http://repository.playonmac.com/PlayOnMac/