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Losing mouse cursor in Metatrader 4

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tekukuno Zondag 29 November 2020 om 9:33

I am using Metatrader 4 on Big Sur. Half the time I open the MT4 program, I lose the mouse, it doesn't work in MT4. The only way out is to use the mouse to force quit MT4 from the dock. The mouse continues to work outside MT4, it just doesn't work at all while in the MT4 window. Any ideas on how to fix?

iamdavid01 Vrijdag 3 September 2021 om 17:57

It sounds like you have a switch bounce issue on your mouse/trackpad mylowes. Can you try an alternate mouse ? or perhaps you have some other application or mql4 code taking focus away from mt4 mykohlscharge . . .

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