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mastablasta Vrijdag 18 December 2020 om 9:57

needs directx9 libraries

d3dx11_42 has to be disabled.

WindowsXP is selected system.

launching from /bin/xrayengine.exe does not work, so i moved the whole bin to stalker root folder and then launched it.

i've also added sky reclamation project (only the bug patches so far). i've noticed game uses bandages on it's own (as soon as you bleed) but i am not sure if it's because of the patch.

switching keys does not work in game, but you can change them manually in user.itx file found in documents.

as others noted on occasion fence can't be seen, but i saw this happen only once so far. it dissapeared and reappeared.


Stalker Clear Sky GOG version

Pol: 4.2.12

Kubuntu 18.04.01 LTS


i guess it's time for a playthrough...

Dadu042 Vrijdag 18 December 2020 om 11:04



Pol: 4.2.12 => do upgrade to 4.3.x (this allow to use Wine > v3).