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Bitdefender finds many "threads" when launching PlayOnMac

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Comodin Vrijdag 25 December 2020 om 16:48

My Bitdefender finds lots of "threats" when launching PlayOnMac, 18 in total. Below are a few. I am guessing this is expected behavior but would appreciate any feedback or clarification on this before I whitelist PlayOnMac. Thank you and happy holidays!

Threat name: Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.69665

Path: /Applications/PlayOnMac.app/Contents/Resources/unix/wine/lib32on64/wine/mofcomp.exe


Threat name: Trojan.GenericKD.34507929

Path: /Applications/PlayOnMac.app/Contents/Resources/unix/wine/lib32on64/wine/hh.exe


Threat name: Trojan.GenericKD.43760267

Path: /Applications/PlayOnMac.app/Contents/Resources/unix/wine/lib32on64/wine/lodctr.exe


Threat name: Gen:Variant.Fugrafa.99277

Path: /Applications/PlayOnMac.app/Contents/Resources/unix/wine/lib/wine/cacls.exe

Dadu042 Vrijdag 25 December 2020 om 21:18

Thanks for reporting, here is how to help yourself : https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/29358/ (False positive report).

Comodin Zondag 3 Januari 2021 om 17:26

Thsnkd Dadu. I have submitted the report to Bitdefender, will close this thread after I have received a reply from Bitdefender.

andreaplanet Zaterdag 9 Januari 2021 om 20:55

Last October there were 13 Antivirus Engines reporting threads.
November it raised to 22, now we have 26 engines. Here:

The reason lies probably within Wine. I suppose it's a false positive, but the situation is not good for the end-users.

Even the commercial version of Wine (CrossOver) has that issue.


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