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How can I search for issues?

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Toadfield Zondag 17 Januari 2021 om 0:16

I wanna search if a issue already exists.

Dadu042 Woensdag 20 Januari 2021 om 13:06

Do search into the forum (easier way), then in Github.

Toadfield Zaterdag 23 Januari 2021 om 18:39

Can you give me the github page link you mean?

Cause on the PlayOn Linux 4 Github page,there isn't a issue tab.

Dadu042 Zaterdag 23 Januari 2021 om 20:18

I don't use Github.

raphael75 Zaterdag 6 Augustus 2022 om 17:16

I can't find a search box on the POL website forums.

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