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How can I create desktop- and application menu shortcut?

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Toadfield Zondag 17 Januari 2021 om 1:12

I wanna create shortcuts.

booman Vrijdag 22 Januari 2021 om 20:27

Creating Shortcuts is pretty simple with a bash script.


  • Open a text editor like Gedit
  • On the first like type:  #!/bin/sh
  • On the second line type cd and the path to the game folder:  cd /home/toadfield/mygames/game/game.sh
  • Save it on your Desktop with the name of the game and sh:  game.sh
  • Test it by opening the Terminal:  Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Drag-n-Drop the game.sh you created into the terminal
  • Press Enter
  • Now the game should run or you will get errors in the output


If you see "no such file or directory" check your path.  It has to be exact spelling and no spaces.  Or you can use quotes for folder with spaces.  


Here is an example I use for a native tank game:

cd "/home/booman/GOG Games/Zero Ballistics"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH={$LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:./shared_libs


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Toadfield Zaterdag 23 Januari 2021 om 18:42

I don't wanna create a script,I wanna do it in PlayOnLinux itself