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Ori and the will of the wisps is invisble.

As in see through. The window exists but I can't interact with it or see it.

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Awesomekraken Zondag 9 Mei 2021 om 4:07

I used POM to try to play ori and the will of the wisps through steam, but every time I launch it the window is invisible. I can still use POM to play other games just fine, but ori and the will of the wisp stayed see-through after I used my normal steam to verify the game, deleted the game, it still registered as installed so I had to install it by verifying the game again, restarted my laptop, and it was still invisible. I know its there because when I press f3 I can highlight the window, but it might as well not exist except for on the taskbar. I have it on an external hard drive and my mac is a mac book pro without the bar thing.


Edit: The bar that is above apps that lets you minimise, close, or full-screen apps appears for a second before disappearing. Also, unlike steam and the other apps I use it is called wine64-preloader (the other steam apps are called wine32on64 preloader).


Edit 2: Just before the app disappeared I clicked on full screen, so it made a new window and... it's black. 

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