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Cannot configure PlayOnLinux

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LeLorrain Donderdag 25 November 2021 om 5:00

With v4.3.4 on Ubuntu 20.04, when I click on "Configure" button, NOTHING happens. The configuration window is not displayed and no error message.crying

carmar Donderdag 25 November 2021 om 17:08

Same version as mine except I use Zorin 15. Try reinstalling POL.

LeLorrain Vrijdag 26 November 2021 om 19:00

@carmar: I de-installed, I re-downloaded from the website an re-installed with no effects. I still can't get the configuration window to show!

carmar Zaterdag 27 November 2021 om 1:18

Did you remove any files from the prior installation? You can do that either with the purge option in the terminal or the completely-remove option in Synaptic. You can also manually look for the leftover folders (in both root and home) and delete them.

That is all that comes to my mind.


PS - I didn't think this would work but I experimented with deleting my ~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations folder but it was re-created as soon as I clicked the Configure button. So, this was no help.

Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 1 December 2021 om 20:48
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Hm, do you see any windows appearing in your windows manager list?

rela-tiv Zondag 9 Januari 2022 om 15:22

Hi this is a problem I encountered while getting POL to work on my new Debian 11 installation. I can't install games due to this.

Something broke the path of the WINEPREFIX ... it contains a double "/" after the .PlayOnLinux part - this makes the path invalid and POL doesn't find the wine installation any more.

In my logs it looks like this:



Sadly I haven't found a way to correct the path yet.

doyoung Vrijdag 12 Augustus 2022 om 6:40

I messed with POL by writing my own launchers so that I could launch mods seperately in Wine. I learned much but messed my POL settings up in the process. I caused POL to copy some text files into the /home/[user]/.PlayOnLinux/icones/ directory. I figured that there should only be icons (pictures) in that folder. I deleted those text files. That fixed the fact that the configuration window would not launch.
It seems that the program gets "confused" when you try to do things that it isn't designed to do. Some type checking before copying might be in order to fix this little problem. I may look into that when I have time.

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