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Playonlinux does not show any Wine version

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atsukokagari Zondag 28 Augustus 2022 om 3:27

I was trying to install some game on playonlinux client and got a roadblock on installing. Because playonlinux does not show any version of wine version even if I have Wine 4.1 stagging and Wine 4.0.1. I don't know what's happening and how should I fix it. Can anyone help me on this?
Here's the picture: https://pasteboard.co/5TCynePuN70D.png

mikel Dinsdag 4 October 2022 om 7:29

Happens recently quite often here as well.

This seems to be a overload problem on the WINE server.

Just retry at different times.

(Debian 11, POL 4.3.4).

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benyaminl Zaterdag 12 November 2022 om 15:00

This also happen on my end, on Fedora 36, POL 4.4 from RPM Fussion Package I think


@mikel you can show it after some try? How does it contact wine-server? I think it's better to fix it, using pull request to the repo, if possible (if it's only some minor change).

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mikel Vrijdag 25 November 2022 om 9:21



@mikel you can show it after some try?

Yes, but I have to try more or less often. BTW: For some time now (months?) the latest wine versions are not shown anymore. For example: A while ago I installed version 7.11 as it was available. Now the highest version offered is 7.7.


How does it contact wine-server?

I have no idea. I guess there is a problem with the script that POL uses to contact the wine server.


benyaminl Maandag 5 December 2022 om 11:47

@mikel, I'm no on Fedora 37, for some reason, it works to show the wine version, just it need a long time to show... I left it open for 2-3 minutes, and it show the wine version... seems it need to load the wine folder


It works for both, just the latest version for AMD64 only version 6, no version 7 for some reason...

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mikel Maandag 12 December 2022 om 16:26

At the moment (on Endeavour-Linux) not even the installed wine version are shown..

Seems we have to be patient.

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