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Manage Wine Versions not working

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panther_stu Zondag 11 December 2022 om 10:51

Hi all, 

Hopefully someone will be able to help me.


When I goto Manage Wine Versions.

It shows me the menu, but shows "Wine Packages website is unavailable"


Current POL Version: 4.3.4

running on Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, or a manual way to add a different wine version.




mikel Maandag 12 December 2022 om 16:23

You might want to have a look at these posts:


This function used to work only intermittently lately and noone has come up with a solution so far.

My guess is, that the developers put most of their attention and energy in the upcoming new Playonlinux, called "Phoenicis" .. .


difficultwater Woensdag 21 December 2022 om 9:46

There is currently no known fix for this intermittent problem with the function. The new Playonlinux release has received the majority of the developers' focus and effort. 

run 3

DrM1173 Woensdag 21 December 2022 om 12:08

Intermittent problems, could these problems be caused by the server which hosts the Wine binaries for PlayOnLinux?

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