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Install to external USB drive

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mastablasta Zaterdag 31 December 2022 om 14:02

My kid accidentally upgraded to Kubuntu 22.04 (i forgot to turn off the notificaiton and he though it was as system update).

In any case he has a laptop with small 256 GB nvme drive. we bough him a USB enclosure and a 512 GB SSD drive for larger games he plays on Steam. it is easy to install gam0es to this external drive on steam, but can htis now also be done with play on linux? i know in the past it was onyl possible by doing some symlinks as it defaults all virtual drives to /home/.PlayOnLinux/


i would like to install a GOG game (Oblivion and maybe later Farcry 1&2) to this external drive as his internal drive has about 20 GB left and i think it is best to leave them empty. external drive has about 350 GB free.

IceNick Vrijdag 7 April 2023 om 20:17

You can, why not? There is a lot of information about it on the Internet.