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playonlinux 4.3 no more installable on ubuntu 22.04

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omarchianni Zondag 22 October 2023 om 18:38

two weeks ago i installed playonlinux 4.3 on my ubuntu22.04 and it worked perfect for myphoneexplorer. Tried to install it now on a new machine again with ubuntu22.04. .NOGO. No more dependencies aqvailable - they just deleted them it seems, playonlinux 4.3  will not install anymore. Unfortunately the substitution is not a simple .deb file anymore, it takes a long time to understand what it takes to install and HOW to install it (over Flatpak) - and I cannot figure out why the "local installer" seems just not to work. It DOES install seemingly the program "Myphoneexplorer 2.0" - but then it stops and stays blank forever. Does anyone have a hint how to get on? MyPhoneExplorer is a basic tool to "de-googleize" android phones.

Dadu042 Vrijdag 3 November 2023 om 9:04

PlayOnLinux 4 has no active developper any more (nor Phoenicis). This is why I switched to Codeweavers's Crossover in 2020.

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DrM1173 Zaterdag 9 December 2023 om 21:38

Does this mean that PlayOnLinux is dead now and that we have to switch to Lutris or Bottles?

Dadu042 Vrijdag 9 Februari 2024 om 15:52

PlayOnLinux is dying, but not dead as long as its main developper (Tinou) host this website...


I see a bit activity on Github, but no release since v4.4.0 in may 2020.

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DrM1173 Vrijdag 9 Februari 2024 om 17:10

How do you import PlayOnLinux's existing wineprefixes in Lutris or Bottles now that PlayOnLinux is slowly dying?

Dadu042 Zaterdag 10 Februari 2024 om 10:14

I don't know any way to do it sad.

Consider trying Phoenicis, or Crossover.

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