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Problem with cd-rom, is incorrect

After installation, can´t use cd-rom, msj: cd-rom is incorrect

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poseidon_xk Donderdag 4 September 2008 om 19:33


Excuseme for my english, i don´t know speak and write english

i have a laptop:

processor: Intel Centrino 1.8 Ghz
Memory: 1Gb
S.O.: Open suse 10.3
Wine Version: 0.9.44
Game: GTA San Andreas

After of install GTA San Andreas (the installation is succesfully and correct, well do not say some error) try start the game, play on linux looking for cd but say "cd-rom incorrecto"

I heve installed GTA San Andreas with that disc, so i do dot know why give me that error.

Can you help me?


(_.•´¯`•«¤° þا£ÏÐÕŇ °¤»•´¯`•._)
Ante Vrijdag 5 September 2008 om 14:23

Try one of the newer wine versions!

Edit: just fixed som grammar!

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