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Many games not install in new POL version.

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Riksia Zaterdag 1 November 2008 om 20:40

I tried install silent hill 2 and gta sa with pol 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 but setup get error.

GTA SA - when installer try copy files i get this error
Feature transfer error
Feature: grand theft auto san andreas
Error: -2147024891

Silent hill 2
Interial failure
Error number x80040707

Silent hill 3
installer hangs

These game installs in wine without errors. These games installs fine in pol versions before 3.1.2 but i don't know where i can download pol versions older than 3.1.2.

Sorry for my english :|

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mguidoux Zaterdag 13 December 2008 om 0:54

I have the same problem here with GTA San Andreas.
mguidoux Zaterdag 13 December 2008 om 17:50

I tried creating an image of the GTA DVD on my desktop and then mounting it, but I got the same error.